Our website contains a complete listing of events produced by The Pageant Team at our core venues The Pageant & Delmar Hall.  Additionally, we list those presented by our partners and associates at other locations in and around St. Louis.

We do our best to offer a wide variety of quality shows in a professional manner.  Please drop us a line at pageantinfo@thepageant.com with any feedback or questions.

Built in 2016, Delmar Hall is an intimate venue located directly next door to The Pageant. Conceived and developed by The Pageant’s owners, Delmar Hall’s mission is to be St. Louis’ premier mid-level concert venue, filling the void left when Mississippi Nights, the beloved riverfront club, closed in 2007 after a thirty-year run.


For concerts, Delmar Hall has a flexible capacity of up to 750.


The Bar at Delmar Hall (located in the front bar area of the venue) will open at 6pm on show nights. Everyone must have a valid ticket to the show in order to enter. Those inside The Bar when doors open will have first access to the venue.


Valid Form of ID

ALL patrons must have a valid form of identification to enter events with age restrictions. We will deny entry to anyone presenting fraudulent identification. No refunds.

Acceptable Forms of Identification:

  • Valid Photo United States Issued ID
  • Valid Photo Passport
  • Original Birth Certificate (must have raised seal) along with another Current Photo ID

Unacceptable Forms of Identification (list not exhaustive):

  • School ID
  • Firearm/Conceal & Carry ID
  • Photocopy
  • Digital
  • Temporary Driving Permits which do not contain a photo or the State’s raised seal are not acceptable forms of identification for proof of age.
  • Other (Company’s Sole Discretion)


The Pageant and Delmar Hall reserve the right to search anyone who enters the premises, along with their belongings. The Pageant and Delmar Hall reserve the right to determine, on a case-by-case basis, which items are not permitted to be on premises.


The possession of all firearms and other weapons (including concealed firearms) on our premises is strictly prohibited.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited inside The Pageant and Delmar Hall (list not exhaustive). Items are subject to change at the sole discretion of management or per artist request.

  • Outside liquids, including beverages and vape juices
  • Beverage Containers (Camelbacks, bottles, cans, cups, travel mugs, flasks, etc.)
  • Pepper Spray, Mace, etc.
  • Laser Pointers
  • Sharpies, Markers, Pens, Paints, etc.
  • Glow Sticks/Items
  • Umbrellas
  • Helmets
  • Items which purpose is to swing or toss (Hula Hoops, rings, swirling balls, etc.)
  • Weapons of any kind (including concealed) and items which can be used as weapons
  • Chains, spikes
  • Balloons, Totems, large Signs/Flags
  • Stickers, Flyers
  • Large bags, purses or backpacks larger than 14″x10″x10″
  • Medication without original container and matching valid photo ID for prescriptions
  • Go Pros, Selfie Sticks and Tablets (iPad, Kindles, etc.)
  • Drones
  • Personal seating (chairs, stools, strollers, etc.)
  • Poster tubes
  • Stuffed toys/animals

Seat Saving

Please respect your fellow patrons – seat saving is strictly prohibited.

Camera / Recording

Camera and recording policies are dictated by the artist and vary on a show-by-show basis. Please see specific information on our individual show pages for any additional information we may have. Please remember: Camera policies may change with or without notice at the sole discretion of the artist.  We reserve the right to restrict camera use on the premises. Drones are not permitted.

Smoking Policy

In accordance to City Law, The Pageant, Delmar Hall, The Halo Bar and Suite 100 are non-smoking establishments. This includes electronic/vapor smoking devices.  Smokers over 21 years old may smoke outside on Delmar Hall’s and The Halo Bar’s patio.

Stage Diving / Crowd Surfing

Stage diving and/or crowd surfing will result in immediate ejection from the venue.

Minor Section (for those under 21 years of age)

At The Pageant, there is a physical separation of those under 21 years old for most events. Please refer to the specific show details for more information.


Re-entry is allowed for those over 21 years old with a valid hand stamp.  Those under 21 years old are not allowed re-entry. If someone under 21 years old leaves the building, they will not be allowed to re-enter The Pageant or Delmar Hall.

Open Tabs

All open tabs left at the bars after closing will be charged to the credit/debit card on file along with an 20% gratuity.


We want to assure our customers that we strive to make your visit a safe and pleasurable experience. The Pageant, Delmar Hall, The Halo Bar and Suite 100 are constructed of fire-rated materials that meet or exceed all modern fire and assembly codes. You are always within 75 feet of an exit. Exits are clearly marked and located at every corner of the building on both levels inside The Pageant and along the West walls inside Delmar Hall. In the unlikely event an incident occurs, stay calm and proceed to the NEAREST fire exit rather than retracing your steps to the main entrance.